Eating Oranges Off the Tree at Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm

By 14. May, 2016Yoga

Above: Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassadors Tarah Stuht and Taylor O’Sullivan visit Matt’s Organic Farm.

Staying healthy while living on the road with the Live Be Yoga Tour can be tough, but fortunately, our team has MegaFood supplements to keep us healthy and strong! MegaFood is all about being REAL — real food, real people, real relationships — which is why they use over 500,000 pounds of produce from farmers each year in their products. We headed straight to the source of this yummy produce, Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm in Clermont, Fla., to visit the organic orange groves that deliver the Vitamin C used in MegaFood’s supplements.

MegaFood products.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm is a family-run operation and has been for decades. Uncle Matt’s great-grandfather, Angus, learned how to grow quality citrus fruits without modern-day pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We met Benny McLean II, Angus’s grandson and Uncle Matt’s father. He’s been working in the Florida citrus industry since the 1950’s, when his father put him to work on the groves at the ripe age of 10. He went on to study Agriculture Economics with a minor in Fruit Crops from the University of Florida. When you talk to Benny, it’s evident that he knows just about everything there is to know about citrus farming. He picked us up in his truck and gave us a tour of Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm. First, we visited the peach groves, where he showed us how to pick a perfectly ripe peach. We got to sample a few organic peaches, and they were so sweet and juicy, like no other peaches we had tasted before.

On select Saturdays, Uncle Matt’s farm offers a “pick your own” peaches day, where families can come up to the farm and gather their own bushels of peaches. Benny tells us that they get a lot of visits from “mamas and their little ones,” who like to pick their own peaches because the moms are — as he puts it — “hard-core organic.” Benny is encouraged by these health-conscious mothers who are cognizant of the foods they are feeding their families.

As a grandfather of 12 children, Benny is concerned about what his grandkids are putting into their bodies. He’s worked hard for many years to ensure that his farm delivers nothing short of top-quality organic produce. In an effort to educate his young grandkids about the importance of eating organic, he invites each one of his grandkids to work on the farm in the summer. Whether they are picking fruits or greeting guests, grandkids of all ages are pitching in. The family bond here is strong, and we felt it with every family member that we met.

After visiting the peach groves, Benny took us to the orange groves, where we got to pick and eat oranges right off the tree. All the while, Benny was telling us story after story, teaching us so much about organic farming. He was beaming with passion not just for the fruit itself, but for the entire process and what it means for the betterment of the world around him. His commitment to raising real, organic citrus is inspiring. Both MegaFood and Uncle Matt’s are committed to improving lives and inspiring others by staying true to the intention of food. (Editor’s note: MegaFood is a sponsor of the Live Be Yoga Tour).

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