Yoga Beyond The Mat Thailand Trinity

I want to share something with you all.

As most of you know i finished with Byron Yoga a couple of weeks ago and now I am enjoying the sun and beach here in Koh Phangan.

My good friend Manuela offered me and Bettina to come to Switzerland to build up a new Yoga and meditation center and I meditated deeply in what i wanted from the next phase of my life.

I worked with BYC for 7 years 7 days a week and met many students and gave many counseling sessions , but a question arouse, did i really help many people?

Why do i want to continue doing it? Why not just sit and meditate and stay with my inner peace? Is it maybe just EGO that wants to feel important, maybe just an identity that needs to be fed? Is it not much nicer to just stay with myself , have my peace and let the world just be?

Yesterday I went with Bettina with a small boat onto a small beach were there was the Sanctury Yoga center. Very much of the beaten track, after 4 weeks here this was the first time I visited.

We were sitting in the restaurant and I just shared my thoughts with Bettina. I still remembered what I said: Bettina, is it worth it, why do I need to do this? Does really anybody need my help, what happened to all my students I counseled?

In that very moment a man came up from the beach with a BYC T Shirt on. I did not at first remembered him , but then he smiled at me, we hugged and he literately said:

Pujan we had a session one year ago and my life changed after that. I decided to work less and have more fun and now for the first time i took 5 weeks off to do Yoga and meditate. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was still nearly speechless when he said that now his boat is coming to pick him up to go home to Australia… and off he went, but not without mentioning again , how happy he was to have met me and how I changed his life!!

In that unexpected meeting my questions were answered and I feel the genteel hand of existence again guiding me and supporting me. I will do some changes on my website to reflect a bit better what I want from it.

I am not a great Blog writer or face-book writer, I still prefer the spoken word and the face to face , heart to heart contact, so I will write less to EVERYBODY but i want to write more to SOMEBODY who would like to have a more personal connection with me.

Enough for now, maybe some of you would like to respond.

Lots of love were ever you maybe.

May you all be happy, may you all one day be free!