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Currently, you have not been granted the Ability to Post news or Add articles to the website yet. If you would like to Apply, first Login or Register on the website and then continue with the Access application. Thank you!

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Add News to the Website

  • Add Title to the Article. (If using your favorite word processor., you can copy/paste from there.)
  • Select the Article Image and upload it here (if any). It will represent your Article.
  • Categorising is necessary. Please select a Category, in which your article fits best.
  • Write the text content for your Article here. (If using your favorite word processor., you can copy/paste it from there) You have 350 characters available for writing.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Adding News or Articles to the website is a simple thing to do.

First write the Title for your Article so everyone will know what it is about. Title will be used on the front-page as well as above your post (* Required)

Select an Image to be uploaded with your Article. It is not required but sometimes images can speak up to a 1000 words. Also, choose a Category in which your Article will be published (* Required)

Write some content to the Article. Let it be descriptive, inspirative, conclusive. You can also use HTML Tags, if you know how, but in general don’t worry about that (* Required)

When you’re done, press the SUBMIT button. Then let the magic happen. (If your article does not appear immediately under the website News, try to bring an ASAP coffee to the website Administrator to approve your Article and publish it.)

If you have any trouble writing or posting, just don’t do it :)