My Samsara – A yogic journey between life and death

I met Manuela for the first time at one of my Philosophy lectures that I was running as part of a yoga teacher training in Australia.

She appeared to me a little bit shy and withdrawn when she approached me after my lecture about Karma and Reincarnation. That was a normal occurrence because I often sit together with students after my lecture.

But something seemed different when she asked me for a personal talk. She told me her unusual story that you will read in the book which lies before you. While Manuela talked, a strong conviction came to me that she should write a book about it. When I told her that, she was flabbergasted and all the doubts that an ego can create came up. How could she bring her experience to paper and communicate it in an understandable way? I offered her a room at my place in Australia where she could write the book and have a feeling of security and support. What you will read here is a very unusual story of a young woman who through a sudden near death experience was confronted with a different reality. I experienced Manuela as an educated intelligent young woman with an incredible urge and curiosity for knowledge.  She tried to intellectually understand what was happening to her. All the time she struggled to put her experiences into a framework that she found hard to understand. People who experience something similar would not necessarily agree with everything she writes, because all these experiences are very individual. But it is more important that they offer a clear, sober and dependable description of the event and of its unfolding.

As a Psychologist I met many people with near death experience, and they all have one thing in common, that everything that happens during the clinical death state, will be experienced as a physical reality of life even though it is happening on a different wavelength of the human perception.

How to interpret these impressions and pictures depends on the different physiological, psychical and spiritual conditioning. Today it is clearly shown that energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed into a different vibration. Like water can turn to different forms such as ice, rain and steam but never disappear, so can that what we understand as Self or the soul  can never disappear but it can only change its form or appearance. Many people with near death experiences are not in a position to integrate these into their lives or even to gain spiritual teachings from them. But an insight of this individual process is offered in this book.

My Samsara – A yogic journey between life and death

Book My Samsara answers questions like: Why do we create suffering sickness and painful experiences and why do humans create so much suffering for themselves? Manuela’s story can remind readers of knowledge that was always there and is dormant in each one of us, and that gives answers to questions like: Where do we come from? What do we want? Where do we go? What is he meaning of life?

Manuela’s psychological and spiritual knowledge is extraordinary. She has the natural ability to explain complex interactions in an easy understandable way and to transfer that knowledge not from the head but directly from her heart. Many people feel that and those who are ready to discover the truth of their heart will experience a true transformation of their personality through reading this book.

Please read this book even if you are only curious. Read this book especially if you have experienced in a dream, or in the waking state, memories that you cannot understand and that do not fit into your “normal” reality! Read this book particularly if your life, as it is unfolding right now, makes no sense anymore and you have the feeling you live between two worlds. I wish that Manuela’s book will open many hearts and that YOU as a reader are willing to go on this journey with her. It is a journey we all have to do one day.

I bow down to the mystery of life. You can read more about the Book at SARASANA - MY SAMSARA

Swami Pujan