My Samsara – A yogic journey between life and death

It has finally happened. The book that me and Manuela were writing (she did the writing, I was doing translation and inspiration!) is about to be printed. We will come with a few hundred books to Australia to promote them as well as running workshops on Karma and Reincarnation. Dates will be put on the Website once we know more.

It has taken a while for it to manifest in a book form but when you read it you will know why. It is a fantastic personal story about a young girl’s life that I felt needs to be written. Not only did she go through a near death experience but she rediscovered her former incarnation and that changed her life radically. It is still going on, so maybe there will be a follow up, who knows?

What was clear in Manuela’s journey was that we need a guide to show us the way through the maze so that we are able to integrate what is happening to us and not to just lock it away as a non lasting experience. In July we will be in Australia and you can order the book through us till we find a local publisher. We even translated the book already into German! Manuela speaks French and Italian as well, so who knows …

We traveled the last year around in Europe, India and Asia. We completed our first Spiritual journey in India and it was such a success that we are doing it again next year! (See flyer on the website)

As we speak our home will be built here in Koh Phangan. It is a slow process but when it is finished (End of the year I hope) it will be unbelievable beautiful! I will publish pic!!

Please my friends, stay in contact with me if you feel like it and I hope to see you all somewhere on this planet again.

Namaste! Swami Pujan