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Spirituality can become a Joyful Journey full of Passion and Celebration!

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Stephan Kahlert, Swami Pujan

Swami Pujan was born as Stephan Kahlert in Hamburg, Germany. He become a Swami after his Initiation. He met his first teacher in 1980. Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh was world famous Spiritual Guide and Eastern Philosophy Teacher who lived in Puma, India, and initiated Stephan Kahlert and taught him that spirituality didn’t had to be a sad and lonely affair, but it can become a joyful journey full of passion and celebration.

As in the Words of his Teacher, Bhagwan Sree Rajneesh:

I want you to become a declaration of bliss. Your very being has to pulsate with joy, because joy is prayer. Your very climate has to be that of celebration, because celebration is your worship. -B. S. Rajneesh

Swami Pujan, Short Bio

It says in the Vedas: ‘Atmavan Manyate Jagat’ – ‘As you think, so you manifest.’

After Sri Rajneesh’s death

After Sri Rajneesh’s death in 1990 he moved more and more into Theravada Buddhism and was teaching Vipassana Retreats in Australia and NZ. After a few years he was attracted by Soto Zen and and became a student of Roshi Hogen Daido Yamahato.

Our Love for India has never left us

After many visits to India he experienced an intense Kundalini experience that culminated in to ‘Sarvikalpha Samadhi’ that lasted for many weeks and a return into ‘normal’ life was quite difficult.

In looking for an explanation of what was happening he looked into all the scriptures that he could find and finally he found what he was looking for in the teachings of Ramana Maharishi and even more strongly with Nisargardata Maharaj. This opened the way for Swami Pujan to explore the whole new Yogic path.

After returning to Australia

After returning to Australia he started working as a therapist and councilor. His work brought him into many different areas. He worked as a change consultant in corporate Australia, in drug rehabilitation and in private practice for many years.

After returning to Australia Pujan started teaching Hatha Yoga at Byron Yoga Center in Byron Bay and even became a qualified Yoga teacher, but his main focus was and remains always Jnana Yoga, the path of Knowledge.

John Oglivy, the founder of Byron Yoga Center, asked him 6 years ago to teach the Philosophy and Meditation sessions to Yoga students who want to become teachers and S. K. Swami Pujan is doing this for hundreds of students each year.

As Above so Below

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