Spiritual Journey to Sacred India with Yoga Beyond The Mat

Come and join Swami Pujan & Bettina Kahlert (Yoga Beyond The Mat) and Linda Newman (Pilates & Yoga Styles) on a Spiritual journey to Sacred India. On our Journey we will visit Pondicherry, Auroville & Tiruvanamalia, India.

10 years ago we started with a Yoga teacher training in Puna and travels through Maharashtra and Goa . It was such a success that half of us who went on this journey are still friends and see each other on a regular basis.

After traveling through India for over 25 years, nearly on a yearly basis Betty and me think we love Mother India enough to continue travel through the land AND to share it with a few friends and fellow travelers.

After we joined Byron Yoga center we organized Yoga trips through Bali, Vietnam and of course India For the last two years we brought groups to Pondicherry and Tiruvanamali South India. The main focus of those groups were Yoga teacher training’s with limited spare time. They were great , but what i felt missing was not enough time to really imbibe the uniqueness and special flavour that India has. You have to stay at a place for a bit longer, get to know the locals, merge in the daily activities of the temples and market places and so on.

There will be daily Yoga & Pilates Classes with Betty and Linda and there will be talks on philosophy with Stephan. We will be always open to ‘The Spontaneous Unplanned’ – that is the very flavor of the trip.

We decided to give a few friends just that – a dive into the rich culture of India:

  • Not so much hanging around the pool but more chanting the holy names in Temples.
  • Not eating in sterile hotel restaurants , but eating from Banana leaves on the floor with your hands (sometimes!!)
  • Not just handing out “bakshish” to small children but maybe working for a day or two in a real orphanage or an animal shelter.
  • Not just be an outsider but making an effort to understand the culture and their religion.


  • So what do you need to be prepared for?
  • Be willing to enter the “madness” that is India.
  • We will organize as much as we can, but there always will be the unpredictable.
  • Keep your mind open.
  • Be prepared to be transformed by this journey.

The dates:

12 nights all inclusive (dates will be published up to 6 months before every planned journey)

Investment & Bookings:

Spiritual Journey requires a Basic Individual Booking with available Add-ons for a slightly upmarket accommodation or single rooms.

Prices are based on twin share – Airfare not included.

Program: 12 days
Locations: Auroville and Tiruvanamalia, Southern India
Dates: (published up to 6 months before planned journey)

Attendance numbers are limited in order to ensure the quality of the program and personalised guidance for attendees.