The Hot Yoga War’s Messy End: Why Yoga to the People Won’t Be Teaching Bikram Yoga Anymore

By 8. October, 2015News

Any copyrights on ancient practices? What is your opinion?

Any ancient rules being changed? Ancient as contemporary? Contemporary as humane – or as embodied, ingrained or essential to human nature? What is your practice? Would you copyright it?

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Yoga Alliance:

Court Rule:

Bikram as Evolation as Bonfire as Hotbox as Fusion Hot as Fire Shaper as Zen Hot .. – as any Trademarked practice as it can go … Can admit it – Its an industry here, true, but based on false foundations that surpass traditional limitations? Or is there something else?

Thanks to Betty for mentioning it. Namaste!

Greg Gumucio sat behind the desk of his 27th street hot yoga studio in Manhattan eating a glazed donut. He wore a tight burgundy v-neck with the words “Yoga to the People” pulled across his chest and wore a large watch with a bright red band. Pop music played over…