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Yoga beyond the Mat is an exploration of the deeper dimensions of the Yogic path. It offers a variety of integrative tools and techniques of how to live a more conscious lifestyle, a lifestyle that is in tune with the higher Self. Yoga Beyond The Mat offers You a promise to liberate your Self from the confines of Mind.

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An Exploration

Of Deeper Meaning

Yoga beyond the Mat is an exploration of the deeper dimensions on the Yogic path.

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A Meeting Place

For Yoga Students

An Online Community and a Meeting place for Students of Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation.

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Online Forum

On Sacred Philosophy

On a variety of integrative tools and techniques of how to live a more conscious lifestyle.

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Spiritual Journey

To the Higher Self

Full of Passion and Celebration, with a practice of Self-liberation from the confines of Mind.

Who is here?

Our Unique, Sparkling & Celebrant Souls.

Swami Pujan Meditation Teacher Yoga Beyond The Mat

S.K. Swami Pujan

Advaita Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Spirituality doesn’t have to be a sad and lonely affair, but it can become a joyful Journey full of Passion and Celebration. – Osho

B. K. Bangalow Betty @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

B.K. Bangalow Betty

Dynamic Purna Yoga Practitioner

Practitioner of Dynamic Purna, form of Hatha Yoga,  combining Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Eastern Philosophy.

Manuela F. Sarasana @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

M.F. Sarasana

Ayurveda therapist & Yoga teacher

Dedicated to Healing Arts of Yoga, Ayurveda and the Vedic sciences. Written & published Sarasana’s life-story book ‘My Samsara’.

Ram J. Swartz @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

Ram J. Swartz

Mystic by Default

Dedicated to dissemination of Non-dual Wisdom. Author, Advaita Vedanda Teacher, Explorer of the Self and Spiritual Journeyman.

Linda Newman @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

Linda Newman

Pilates & Yoga Styles Teacher

The Founder of the highly successful Pilates & Yoga Styles Studio in Geelong VIC. The Pioneer of Mat Pilates and Contemporary Yoga Styles.

S. A. Seidenstern @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

S. A. Seidenstern

Sivananda Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Goldenfish Postcards & Mandala Greeting Cards Designer. A gentle Sivananda Yoga Practitioner, Relaxation & Meditation Teacher.

S. U. Dharmadev @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

S.U. Dharmadev

Ananda 2u2 Network Visualiser

Initiated by Swami Atmaswaruparamananda in 2010. Visualisation & Yoga Teacher deeply in Love with the Ananda Web Network.

Yet Unknown Member @ Yoga Beyond The Mat

Join our Team?

Spiritual guide or Yoga Practitioner?

You are most Welcome! Please use the Links below to send us your short Bio to Join our Team @ Yoga Beyond The Mat.

Join us on Spiritual Journeys to Sacred India

An Adventure into a Lifestyle of Meditation and Celebration. Always open to the ‘Spontaneous Unplanned’.

Second Season starting in February 2015!

The Flavour of Spiritual Journey

We will be always open to ‘The Spontaneous Unplanned’ – that is the very flavor of the trip.

There will be daily Purna Yoga classes with Bangalow Betty and talks on Eastern Philosophies with S. K. Swami Pujan. Maybe we do it in the open or while sitting in a temple with monkeys watching us. Our good friend Swami Uphaha and his beautiful Italian wife will join us for a few days singing Bajans, Sufi poetry reading and performing Pujas or Fire ceremonies.

There could be talks from Sadhus or Brahmins, or sessions from Palm Hand Readers or Indian astrologers as well, the list is endless.

Preparation for the Spiritual journey

So what do you need to be prepared for?

After traveling through India for over 25 years, nearly on a yearly basis, Betty and I think we love Mother India enough to continue our Journeys through the land and to Share our experiences with friends and fellow travelers:

  • Be willing to enter the “madness” that is India.
  • We will organize as much as we can, but there always will be the unpredictable.
  • Keep your mind open.
  • Be prepared to be transformed by this journey.

Dates: February 2015
Locations: Chennai, Ponducherry, Auroville, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

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As you think, so you manifest.

We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. – Spirituality doesn’t have to be a sad and lonely affair. It can become a joyful journey full of passion and celebration.

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